How it all began... 

Our company concept was formed when our founder needed a birthday gift to send to her mom who ended up having to work on her birthday. She wanted her mom to completely forget she was at work and to experience little spurts of joy with a gift that lasted the entire day!

Our founder couldn't find anything like that online, so she decided to create the concept herself and delicately wrapped-up eight small gifts. She hand-drew a clock on top of each, giving her a single box the day before, with all the gifts inside, adorned with a tag saying, "Don't open until 9 a.m. on your birthday."

Her mom was so excited on the morning of her birthday that she immediately showed several coworkers her box as she walked into the office. Soon, every hour on the hour, more and more coworkers showed up at her desk reminding her to open up her next gift! Oh, and of course, since her mom is all about social media, she promptly took a picture of each gift every hour, and soon, ALL of her friends knew about her box and looked forward to her next post showing her new hourly gift.

The Aha Moment

And that was when we knew...we have something really great going here. Everyone wants to feel that birthday joy every hour of their birthday. So, if your BFF lives in another state, or your sister is heading off to go to school, or if your mom just has to go to work on her birthday, or you just want your special someone to know you are thinking of her there is now a wonderfully curated box in existence where she can truly enjoy every hour of her special day.

Oh, and as a wonderful added bonus, each gift is made by American small businesses, so these are gifts your birthday recipient will have never seen in a major store.

The Plan

We will #keepongifting by curating tons of gift boxes for every occasion you can think of. This means major occasions like weddings and baby showers, and boxes for days that might be unexpected like a feel better or cheer up box. What do you think our next box should be? Let us know on our social media, and help us continue to extend fleeting moments to hours of excitement.

I hope our boxes spread as much joy to your friends and loved ones as they did to my mom on her birthday.

Happy gifting!