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What to gift for a Bridal Shower

What to gift for a Bridal Shower

What do you gift a bride for her bridal shower? Gifting seems easy when we think of what to buy as a wedding present. Just pick something off of their registry that's in your budget, right? But the other wonderful celebrations that occur before a wedding can be a little bit hard to figure out. So, to help sort out any confusion on what to gift and when, we've set aside the next three blog posts to address each of those other wedding occasions and the best gifting ideas for each.

So, what do you gift a bride for her bridal shower? The answer is simple. Something beautiful, something heartfelt, and something she'll cherish forever.

Here are our top 10 favorite bridal shower gift ideas:

1. Bridal Photo Session

photo by: Laura Foote

A completely unique and heartfelt gift to give would be a bridal or bridal boudoir photo session, completely paid for, completely arranged with all the details sorted out. Sometimes a bridal or bridal boudoir session may have been out of budget for the bride, something she didn't have time to think about, or something that just simply got put on the back burner. Paying for and arranging a location and date for the overwhelmed bride-to-be would be such a wonderful heartfelt gift that would keep giving for years to come as she pours over her wedding album year after year.

Some photographers may not advertise that they do bridal boudoir sessions as their clients want to keep photos completely private. So, if you're looking for a photographer in your area and see one you like, just contact them and ask!

If you happen to live in Florida then you'll definitely want to check out Laura Foote. She takes absolutely stunning photography and offers both bridal and bridal boudoir sessions. And if you're not in Florida? You can still totally reach out to her, because she travels worldwide!

2. A custom wooden sign

photo by: Elisa Anne Calligraphy

Order a beautiful custom wooden sign with her new name on it and their wedding year. She'll love being able to hang this in their home as a wonderful heartfelt keepsake that she'll cherish forever. 

Not sure about the last name? You can always go with a custom quote, a favorite saying of theirs, or simply their wedding date.

You can purchase custom wooden signs from Elisa Anne Calligraphy who does all of the beautiful writing you see in the sign above. Look at some of her work here or click here to fill out the form for your custom wooden sign.

3. The Bride Box

photo by: Along Came A Box

Want to gift the bride an entire day of presents? Gift her The Bride Box, where she can open up a gift every hour of the day. All of the gifts are feminine, sweet, and perfect for celebrating her big day! Have her save the box for her wedding day so she has something to open every hour even at 9 am in the morning, truly making it her most memorable day yet, or have her start opening up presents right then and there! She'll be so excited to see that she can continue opening up her gifts the day after her bridal shower too!

Can't make it to the bridal shower? This is the perfect gift to send! You'll be there, celebrating with her in spirit, every hour of the day as she opens up each and every gift! You'll have the best gift at the bridal shower, even when you're not there!

Want an instant $10 off any box? Just sign up for the newsletter here and get a discount code emailed straight to your inbox! 

4. Coffee or Tea Spa Set

photo by: Spa Thyme 

If your budget is a little tight, but you're still wanting to gift something unique and meaningful, these little coffee gift sets are just for you! Spa Thyme creates gourmet food for your body, which means all of her products are inspired by food (coffee for this one) and they have all natural ingredients that are so beneficial and feel great on your body! This little coffee set represents the sugar, cream, and coffee that all come together in your morning coffee mug! There's a Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub, a Creme Milk Bath, and a Gourmet Coffee Lip Scrub. Totally perfect for the coffee obsessed bride!

So, the bride's not a coffee lover? No worries, Spa Thyme has another one just for tea lovers! The Tea Gift Set comes with a Lemon Sugar Body Scrub, Green Tea Bath Oil, and Sweet Honey Lip Scrub. The perfect budget friendly gift for a tea loving bride!

5. Wedding State Sign

photo by: Lovely Retro Renos

I love the idea of this beautiful wooden state sign as a gift for a bridal shower! We're actually having our wedding outside of our home state, so having that memory to keep in our home and have with us forever would be so meaningful.

Lovely Retro Renos has wooden signs of every state and you can pick the design you'd like painted on it, which is makes it such a personal gift! The signs can be hung on a wall or positioned on a shelf, either of which would look absolutely stunning. 

6. Throw the Bridal Shower

photo by: Bridal Guide

Are you really great at event planning and love hosting parties? Offer to throw the Bridal Shower yourself! The bride will be so so appreciative and throwing the party yourself allows you to add tons of personal touches to the event.

Looking for some inspiration on Bridal Shower themes, decor, menu ideas, and invitations? Check out Bridal Guide for pinterest-worthy inspiration!

7. 22k Gold Candle

photo by: Simply Curated

Gift the bride the most luxurious candle she's ever received, a 22k Gold Soy Candle! The Cocktail Collection by Simply Curated includes 8 soy candles poured into 12 oz. rocks glasses, screenprinted with 22k gold. Talk about luxurious!

Their scents include Guava Fig, Oakmoss + Leather, Grapefruit + Bergamont, Coconut Shea, Sage + Cedar, Cucumber Sweetgrass, Vanilla Lavender, and Smoke + Embers. 

8. Wooden Recipe Box

photo by: Belle & Union Co.

Start a wonderful new tradition by gifting the bride her own wooden recipe box! She'll be able to write down her family recipes, his family recipes, add recipes that the two of them make over the years, and pass it down to their child for them to continue to add to the box. This is the perfect gift for the bride who loves cooking, values family, and traditions. It's actually something I'm asking my mother, mother-in-law and grandmother to do for our wedding gift!

9. Handmade Monogram Necklace

photo by: Susan Gordon Pottery

This beautiful handmade initial necklace is the perfect delicate, personal gift to give at a bridal shower. They are glazed in a high fire glaze and then are fired a third time with 18k gold luster over-glaze. You can even add three monogram's to a necklace, think her first initial, his first initial, and her new last name initial. She'll be in love with a necklace that she can wear everyday reminding her of their wedding and the love of her life!

10. Calligraphy Wedding Vows

photo by: Angela Davidson Design

Looking for something last minute but is still totally personal? Gift the bride with an Etsy gift card inside some beautiful stationery, explaining that the gift card is meant to purchase beautiful custom wedding calligraphy vows to hang in their new home together! It'll be a beautiful keepsake for years to come and it's so easy for you to bring together for a last minute gift!

Which of the gifts are you loving the most? What was your favorite gift you received at your bridal shower? Comment below! 

main photo taken by laura foote

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