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The Original Box

The Original Box

We are making so many plans for the future that it got me thinking about the original box that inspired our entire company to come to life.

If you happened to miss the about page explaining just exactly how we came about, I'll give you a quick summary. My mom had to work on her birthday and I wanted a gift that would make her feel special while at work, so I made and bought small gifts for her to open up every hour of the day.

The original box came with each gift wrapped in tissue paper and adorned with a hand drawn clock by me. I used different color tissue paper and ribbons, and even wrapped some gifts to look like candy!

Here are some of the gifts that I made/bought for the original box that inspired some of the gifts in the current Oh So Classic Birthday Box!

*Excuse the maybe not too great photography (I've learned a lot since then!) Some are mine and some are hers from her actual desk at work :)

And... guess what her last gift was? Me! I showed up to her work a couple hours before she was supposed to leave (I coordinated it with her assistant ahead of time) and took her out for some coffee and shopping! Here's us on the day of her birthday getting ready to get our shopping on! 

Aw, isn't she just the best?

So, what do you guys think? What do you love from the original box and what do you love about our current box? We LOVE hearing your thoughts! Let us know below :)

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