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The Best Hostess Gifts

The Best Hostess Gifts

With holiday season fast approaching, we know how quickly things become busy and how life suddenly becomes so stressful. It is all too often that we forget to bring a beautiful hostess gift to an event and end up buying a bottle of wine on the way there as a last minute effort, but if we're being honest, we know that's the exact same gift that most everyone will bring.
With a little planning and this perfect list, we hope to decrease the last minute stress and make you look like the thoughtful gift giver we know you really are!

Cheers Champagne Flutes 

Purchase two of these elegant stemless champagnes flutes for the amazing couple hosting that upcoming dinner party.

Detox Face Masks

Gift all three of these relaxing face masks to the hostess who's been working for days to make the perfect event come together.

Himalayan Rose Bath Salts

Let your hostess relax and unwind with these luxurious Himalayan Rose Bath Salts.

Inspirational Mug

Fill one of these inspirational quote mugs with the hostess' favorite coffee and pair with some pastries to gift a relaxing morning the day after Thanksgiving.

Intense Moisture Body Cream

For a simple and sweet hostess gift, wrap an Intense Moisture Body Cream with a string of ribbon. The perfect gift after washing so many dishes!

Mimosa Body Scrub

Celebrating with mimosas is now even better with this Mimosa Body Scrub. So perfect for the hostess you love to brunch with!

Vegan All Natural Soy Candle

These beautiful candles come in three scents, Beautiful People, Sea Mist, and Wild Nomad, and are the perfect unique hostess gift!

Thai Coconut Milk Bath

Give the gift of a tropical vacation with this Thai Coconut Milk Bath!

Watercolor Ring Dish

These gorgeous handmade ring dishes are the perfect gift for the hostess who loves home decor!

Relax & Unwind Box

Spending the holidays at a family or friends home for several days? Send them a Relax & Unwind Box as the best thank you present ever! 

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Nov 01, 2016

Wow! This is an absolutely great idea! Thank you so much for these great ideas :) I will definitely use this!


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