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Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

So life got in the way and somehow February 14th rolled around without a single thought on what you're going to do tonight....well, we've got you covered. Whether you're in a relationship, single, or with your girls, we've got a few last minute ideas on how you can still celebrate Valentine's Day.


  • Download a date night printable from Etsy or Pinterest (both have tons of great ideas)
  • Already took out dinner for tonight? Make it special by eating outside on a blanket or decorating your dining room table like you would for guests
  • Create a luxury movie night. Bring the table to your couch and add a black or red table cloth, paired with tons of comfy pillows, and a few popcorn containers and outdoor lights for decor. Then have dinner while watching a movie you've been dying to see.
  • Grab some Chinese takeout and a couple of Chinese New Year decorations from Party City, set up dinner around your coffee table and eat on the floor. 
  • Make your bedroom a hotel room with cute door hangers found on Pinterest, adding extra pillows, a mini bar basket (filled with drinks and snacks) placed on your night stand, an extra blanket on the edge of the bed, candles, and some chocolate pillow mints.


  • Pour yourself a glass of wine and paint with your favorite music on in the background
  • Draw yourself a nice bath with candles and take time to read that book you've been dying to read
  • Order take out from your favorite restaurant and curl up on your couch with your favorite show on Netflix
  • Cook a meal you've been dying to eat from your recipes board on Pinterest (we know you have one!) Drink wine and listen to Parisian music while cooking

With the Girls

  • Do an old school slumber party with a big comforter in your living room, tons of pillows and every one dressed in their PJs. Serve ice cream sundaes and watch a Valentine's Day movie
  • Pick up some ready made dough at your grocery store along with tons of pizza toppings and throw a pizza night where everyone makes their own pizza (in the shape of a heart of course!)
  • Create a wine tasting night with printables from Pinterest, ready to go appetizers from your grocery store, and of course tons and tons of wine
  • Have everyone bring over old year books and photos and reminisce over some wine and valentine's day cookies

How are you celebrating tonight? Do you have plans? Winging it? Doing one of our ideas? We'd love to know, comment below!