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Making a Birthday Extra Special

Making a Birthday Extra Special

Sometimes it's the little things that make someone's birthday heartwarming and memorable. We've created a list of 10 ways to create an extra special birthday, all of which are simple, caring, and thoughtful, and will definitely make the birthday girl smile!

1. Call her in the morning - Getting birthday texts and facebook messages are nice, but it's the personal phone calls that really stand out. The thought that you remembered to call so early will be one that she'll carry the rest of the day.

2. Send her breakfast - Call a local delivery company and have them bring breakfast to her door! You can also deliver something delicious from Williams Sonoma's Pastry Selection here to arrive the day before, or simply send an eGift card from Starbucks here to arrive in her inbox!

3. Snail Mail - Mail her a handwritten birthday card with photos of you and her tucked inside. Receiving actual mail instead of bills instantly puts a smile on your face.

4. Surprise her - Show up at her work or home and take her out for lunch or coffee! She'll be so surprised and happy to see you, plus you being there is an excuse to leave work and take a break for a bit!

5. Wrap a Pretty Gift - Use thought and creativity in wrapping her birthday gift. Use fresh flowers or leaves, create your own stamped wrapping paper, or wrap her gift in a fun shape! For more ideas and how-to's check out our It' All in the Wrapping Pinterest board.

6. Facetime - If you can't be with the birthday girl on her day facetime her. Ask how her day has been and to show you any gifts she's received. Listen and be 100% excited and happy for her.

7. Add a note - If you work with the birthday girl write random compliments on post-it notes and hide them everywhere in her desk. If it's your neighbor, place them on her car, and if you live with her hide them around the house! The random surprises will be sure to keep her spirits lifted all day.

8. Bake a Gift - Bake her a birthday cake, birthday cookies, or birthday macarons! Even if it doesn't look like those awesomely styled pictures on instagram, she'll be so happy you took the time to bake her something.

9. Plan a Birthday Dinner - Sometimes planning a birthday dinner can be stressful and time consuming. So instead of doing all out birthday surprise party, plan an intimate birthday dinner! For recipes and dinner party ideas check out our Dinner Parties Pinterest board.

10. Send a Day of Presents - We just couldn't leave out Along Came a Box from this awesome list! Send her a customized birthday gift box that keeps her smiling every hour of the day, even when you can't be there with her :)


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