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Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Shower Games

We have two awesome, easy games for your bridal shower and a free printable!!  These games are so easy they will instantly take the stress out of planning!

Find the Groom

For this first game, you'll hide these cute little grooms under each of your guests' chairs before they arrive. You can even hide them under the couch and chair cushions if you're hosting at a home. All of them will have celebrity names on them, except one that will have the groom's name!

In the middle of the event, simply ask your guests to look under their seat, and whoever has the real groom wins!

How to set it up

  1. Print out your free printable here
  2. Cut out the grooms
  3. Write the groom's name on one of the heads and write celebrity names on the other (or go the extra mile and glue a picture of the groom's head on one and celebrity heads on the others)
  4. Tape one groom under each chair or cushion

Don't Say a Word

This game has each guest take and wear a ring. If they say the word "bride" or "wedding" at any point throughout the night and someone catches them, the catcher gets to take their ring. The person with the most rings at the end of the night wins the prize!

How to set it up

  1. Collect all your gorgeous fashion rings (or buy some from your favorite accessory store like Forever 21 or Charming Charlie where it won't be overly expensive)
  2. Add the rings to a beautiful ring dish like this one from Susan Gordon Pottery.
  3. Add a note saying "Please Take One"
  4. Explain the rules of the game to each guest as they arrive or print out the directions above on a small card and prop it up next to the ring dish


Do you have any bridal shower games you'd love to add? Comment below! I'd love to hear them as wedding planning is definitely in my near future!

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