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Balance in the New Year

Balance in the New Year

Work/Life Balance. If you've mastered it, you're seriously my hero.

This year I'm working towards a better work/life balance (last year was filled with wayy too many hours at the computer) and this is how I plan to achieve it permanently:

  1. Set working hours - Yes, sometimes we need to hustle, and yes, there will still be late night work sessions, but a serious work schedule is a must. From now on my hours are 9 to 5. This means no answering phone calls, emails, comments, or direct messages after hours. I might not take a lunch break and work while I eat, but I will not work at night and I will not work on weekends. 
  2. House work is done on nights and weekends - I'm a big multi-tasker so I love it when I have five things juggling at one time. Unfortunately it's a delicate balance for me. If just one thing becomes too heavy I'm instantly overwhelmed. So this means no more doing laundry while working, running errands just because I have to do a post office run, or cleaning things up because I work from home and see it dirty. So long chores, I'll see you on the weekends.
  3. Scheduled breaks - This one is extremely hard for me, but breaking down and being out of comission for a whole day because I'm under too much pressure is not an option anymore. So this means after five, I'm taking time for me. Time to exercise, to actually do my hair and finally remove old nail polish, time to paint ornaments even on a weeknight (I don't care if Christmas is over, I loved doing it!), and time to play video games like a kid again.

I keep waiting for the "easy year" to come and to finally feel like I can handle all that life throws me, but I'm not so sure that's ever going to happen without a ton of effort on how I'm living life. These changes will create the boundaries I need to be present and to actually enjoy these major changes that are happening in life (hello actually sitting down to plan our wedding and picking designs for our new house (oh, btw we bought a house last month, yay!))

I'd love to hear any of your tips to conquering your work/life balance! Comment below or chat with me on Instagram or Facebook!

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