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Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas

Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas

We're onto our final segment in the wedding gift series: The Bachelorette Party! 

Last week we talked about how gifting for all the occasions before the wedding can be a bit confusing since there's no registry or specific guidelines. Occasions like the bridal shower, engagement party, and bachelorette party all require a different type of gift and having a guideline just makes things so much easier!

We already talked about the best gift ideas for the Engagement Party and the Bridal Shower, so let's move on to the Bachelorette Party!

What do you gift for the Bachelorette Party? Something fun, something sexy, and something to make her laugh.

Here are our top 10 gift ideas for gifting at a Bachelorette Party:

1. VS Gift Card

photo by: Victoria's Secret 

Every bride wants some sexy lingerie for her honeymoon and the bachelorette party is the perfect time to gift this! Don't know her size? Get her a cute Victoria's Secret Gift Card (this one is an e-gift card but they have a super cute kisses one that can be mailed to you!) She'll be able to pick out the type of lingerie she likes and one that fits her perfectly!

2. Lace Robe

photo by: BHLDN

This beautiful lace robe from BHLDN is the perfect gift for the traditional bride who isn't too into super sexy lingerie! Its classic and sweet, but still totally perfect for her honeymoon. It's so much better than gifting lingerie since you just need to know whether she might be S, M, L and not her actual bra size. She'll love all of the lace details and the blush satin sash.

3. Cocktail Shaker

photo by: Kate Spade New York

Want to help the bride keep the party going when every leaves? Gift her this beautiful gold dot cocktail shaker by Kate Spade! She'll totally flip at how insta-worthy her future cocktails will be with this shaker next to her glasses!

Having an at-home bachelorette party? Break out the cocktail shaker now! She'll totally love getting to use her gift immediately!

4. Massage Oil Candle

photo by: Pure Romance

This Burning Desire Candle is so fun and so perfect as a low-budget bachelorette party gift! This candle turns into massage oil and even has a clever lip to help you pour...and you can write on it in chalk!! What?! I know, right? So many cool features! She'll be so excited to try this out with her new hubby on their honeymoon.

5. Bridal Boudoir Photo Session

photo by: Juliet Young

If the bride loves to get a little sexy, pitch in together with several girls and gift the bride a bridal boudoir session! She'll get to take gorgeous pictures for her hubby to be and will love having this luxury for years to come!

Some photographers may not advertise that they do bridal boudoir sessions as their clients want to keep photos completely private. So, if you're looking for a photographer in your area and see one you like, just contact them and ask!

6. Relax & Unwind Box

photo by: Along Came A Box

After the night's festivities at her bachelorette party, the bride will surely be looking forward to relaxing the next day. Help her out with a gorgeous teal box filled with gifts to help her indulge in some self care the next day! The Relax & Unwind Box comes with items like a detox face mask, intense moisture body cream, bath soaks or scrubs, and a mug (to fill with lots and lots of coffee!), all so so perfect for a detox day after the bachelorette party!

Want an instant $10 off any box? Just sign up for the newsletter here and get a discount code emailed straight to your inbox! 

7. Himalayan Salt Shooters

photo by: BHLDN

If the bride's favorite liquor is tequila, you totally have to gift her these gorgeous blush himalayan salt shooters! How fun would it be to have tequila shots out of these at the bachelorette party?? Make sure to buy enough for every girl to have her own!

8. Best Party Ever Frame

photo by: Francesca's 

Looking for a super budget-friendly gift? This "Best Party Ever" frame is only $16 and totally describes the fun night to come! She'll love having a keepsake of her bachelorette party!

9. Bridal Garter

photo by: Nordstrom

These gorgeous bridal garter belts are from Nordstrom and are so, so pretty! They'd be the perfect gift that's a little bit sexy, but totally classy at the same time! The bride will love that you thought of this little detail for her!

10. Couple's Massage

photo by: Hoboken Spa

Gift the bride a couple's massage that her and the hubby can use before the wedding! Wedding planning can be insanely stressful and she'll so appreciate getting a chance to have a couple's massage before the big day! This totally counts as a fun, sexy gift for the bachelorette party!

And that completes our list!

Which of the gifts are you loving the most? What was your favorite gift you received at your bachelorette party? Comment below! 



Apr 13, 2017

Thank you so much Rita! That’s so sweet of you to say!

Apr 12, 2017

I love a lot of your items. I love the relax and unwind box probably the best!!

Rita Spratlen

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