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ACAB Goals for 2017

ACAB Goals for 2017

I'm putting it out there into the universe and listing our big goals for the company for 2017!
  • Create 10 new boxes (ambitious, I know, but so far our calendar says it's possible!)
  • Create more relationships with other small business owners and collaborate to help one another (already have a few in the works and I'm sooo excited for this one!)
  • Do more Insta Stories. I love following small business owners that I feel connected to and this happens by getting to know a little bit more of who they are behind the scenes not just the pretty pictures, hopefully you all agree!
  • Actually make some money this year! as an entrepreneur is hard and draining, like draining on your bank account, like there's nothing left in your bank account draining. I'm excited to grow the company this year and instead of adding money to the company, having the company sustain itself and maybe, maybe even get to take a paycheck.
  • Grow our social media following. We need way more awesome people like you to see our beautiful teal boxes!
  • Grow our email list. We have some pretty awesome things in the works for this one, coming to you soon! Make sure you're already a subscriber so you get the details first!

We're totally going to rock 2017!


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