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5 Ways to Use Your Quote Zipper Bag

5 Ways to Use Your Quote Zipper Bag

With spring break and summer just around the corner, I figured we'd let you in on a few of our favorite ways to use our quote zipper bag!

1. Travel

I love taking our quote zipper bags along with us on our travels. They're the perfect size and obviously gorgeous for those spontaneous instagram flatlays! I typically use a different bag for each of the following categories.

  • Makeup
  • Hair Accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Delicates (weekend trips only....if not you'll probably need a bigger bag!)

2. Feminine Products

These quote zipper bags are honestly so great at concealing feminine products! I hate having clear ones for fear of someone reaching into my purse and seeing them or the slot in your purse where it can so easily fall out. The beautiful designs make it so much easier to see that your period can have pretty things too!

3. Coffee Shop Work Supplies

Pack up your pens, pencils, and cute supplies in your quote zipper bag for your next coffee shop work day. When we're all spread out on the tables you know you need to add a little pretty for that snapchat or insta story and it's the perfect size for all of your office supplies!

4. School Supplies

So obviously since they're the perfect size for pens and pencils it's natural that they'd be a great fit to take to school. So, if you're still in college or have a daughter, niece or cousin that's still in school, this is the perfect gift to brighten their day! They'll totally feel like cool girl pulling this out of their backpack ;)

5. Snacks

This is the perfect bag to fill with bars, snacks, and gum for a long work day or photoshoot. No fishing out individual bars from your purse or carrying a not so pretty lunch box of snacks!

There you have it! Our five favorite ways to use our quote zipper bag. Do you have any unique ways you use yours? I'd love to hear and create a mega list of awesome efficient ideas! Comment below with yours!

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