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15 Things To Do At Home For Your Birthday

15 Things To Do At Home For Your Birthday

Every year I sit at my computer thinking of what to type into Google so that it generates a great list of things to do for my birthday. It always seems that I come across the same lists....filled with things I just simply wouldn't do.

Since my birthday is coming up in two months, I decided to compile a list of things I'd actually love to do and maybe, just maybe, a few of our readers would love to do too. I know, two months is still kind of far away, but it's never too early to start thinking of your birthday! 

Personally, I LOVE being home (kind of no surprise given my profession) and I LOVE being able to create a new feel and environment within my home. So I've broken down one potentially very long post into two medium posts, one for things to do at home (that's today's) and one for things to do out on the town for your birthday. Part two will be next week!

So...onto the list!

Things To Do At Home For Your Birthday

  • Throw a Murder Mystery Party - Love this one! I've not only hosted them, I've created my own...that's how much I love them. It's amazing what moving around a bit of furniture can do to create a new environment like a cruise ship or an old decrepit mansion. Just googling will result in tons of ideas, but I love Etsy (they are just so creative over there!). Looking for the ones I've created? Just check out Chasing Creatives on Etsy :)
  • Host a Themed Dinner Party - Think of your favorite country, movie, show, or era and BOOM instant inspiration. (I've definitely done an Italian, Under the Tuscan Sun one before!) 
  • Wine Tasting - Throw a wine tasting event at home. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest along with lots of chalkboard ideas for signs, printables for wine notes, and pairing ideas. Some great ideas are here, here, and here!
  • Staycation - Turn your bedroom into a hotel room with printables found on Pinterest. Add extra pillows, a throw, a mini bar (or basket), and open up the blinds all the way for the most light. Relax at home, pretend the kitchen is the hotel restaurant, and be served dinner or just do takeout but with a really nice table setting. 
  • Game Night - Host a game night with all of your friends and play only the games YOU love to play. Search for fun printables and recipes that work with your game night online. Some of my favorites are Quelf, Taboo, Guesstures, and Battle of the Sexes.
  • Backyard Picnic - Have an intimate backyard picnic with just a few friends and a few bottles of wine :) Some inspo here and here!
  • Spa Party - Throw an at home spa party with facial masks, manicures/pedicures, foot soaks, and hand scrubs. Your guests can make their own scrubs using different essential oils to take home as party favors. You can also switch on and off giving each other manicures. 
  • Backyard Movie Night - You know all those awesome pins on Pinterest? Try it out! Get a projector, a white sheet, and lots of fun comforters and pillows. Add cool popcorn containers, a candy bar and string lighting for a great atmosphere. No backyard? Just move your furniture around and create the same feel inside. 
  • Crafting/DIY Party - Find your favorite crafts that you've always wanted to try and throw a crafting party. Everyone has a station and creates their own craft. Add fun food that ties in with the theme. I've been dying to throw a dreamcatcher crafting party with fun cookies decorated like dreamcatchers and feathers. 
  • Baking Party & Recipe Swap - I love throwing baking parties. It's so fun to have everyone bring in their favorite recipe and create your own recipe book. Set up small stations where guests can decorate their own cookies, mini cakes, or create their own cookie with a cookie bar (use a base recipe and they get to add the add-ins like M&Ms, nuts, peanut butter, etc.). It's so fun to see how everyone creates their own unique cookie.
  • Pool Party - If you have a pool at home or even a community pool, throw a fun adult pool party. Include all the cool new floats you see on instagram (like the popsicle or the flamingo!) and serve fun summer drinks with little umbrellas and bright colored straws. Here are some great tips for planning the perfect pool party.
  • Tea Party - Host an afternoon tea with an assortment of teas, small sandwiches, petit fours, and biscotti. Have everyone dress up in their finest tea attire and put on some classical music. You can even have a place where guests can mix and make their own teas to take home.
  • Luau - Throw an upscale luau dinner party serving sushi, a seafood platter, and a large fruit platter. Create a gorgeous canopy above your table by adding bamboo sticks to regular garden pots and draping some tulle overhead. Here's a cute idea for an aloha table setting.
  • Brunch - Everyone loves brunch. Make sure to have a mimosa bar, a waffle bar, a coffee bar, and even a donut decorating station!
  • Shopping Party - Throw a clothing swap party at home. Have guests bring clothes, jewelry, shoes, and handbags that they are willing to part with (all very lightly used of course). Have lots of racks available (you can even have towel racks over the backs of doors or add coat rack hooks to your walls like the command ones that are removable). Have lots of empty tables labeled with cute signs in frames for jewelry, handbags, shoes, or accessories like scarves and sunglasses. Serve champagne and make sure that you model everything you try on!

    I totally love all of these ideas! I've done several of them in the past and I'm thinking of doing the shopping party this year or maybe creating another murder mystery party (I really am obsessed with them). What do you think? Do you have any favorites or new ideas to add? I'd love to hear them!

    Need more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest for great ideas on everything birthday!

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