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3 Ways to Style Your Hair Clips

3 Ways to Style Your Hair Clips

We love our Concrete Hair Pins, made by Krista from Chalk Concrete, and we'd love to share our three favorite ways to style them!

1. Half Twists

To create this ethereal look follow these three easy steps below:
  1. Curl hair or leave it naturally curly
  2. Take a small section from each side and twist tightly
  3. Secure each side with your a rose hair pin

2. Styled Bun

Create a styled bun by adding these gold triangle hair pins to the back of your bun.

  1. Pull hair into a tight ponytail
  2. Wrap the end of the pony tail around the base, working it up higher as you wrap it around. Secure with a hair tie
  3. Use a gel or your favorite hair product to secure loose flyaways
  4. Secure one gold triangle hair pins to the base of your bun and add another below it diagonally. Feel free to play with the pattern here, add more, put them in a row, whatever speaks to your style!

3. Deep Part

Create this look with a deep side part and a gorgeous gem hair pin.

  1. Deeply part hair to one side. If you typically part it one way, part it the other way for more volume.
  2. Create a slight poof and secure with a concrete gem hair pin.
  3. Spray with hair spray to last through the day.

Loving these hair pins? Click here to get your favorite!

Which look is your favorite? How do you style your hair pins? Comment below!

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