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3 Magazines to Relax & Unwind With

3 Magazines to Relax & Unwind With

I somehow always seem to collect small piles of magazines that I adore looking at and never seem to have the time to read. I have them stacked nicely on our navy end table next to our couch and glance at them each time I walk by. One night I somehow finished all of my work, extra things I added to my to do list, and anything else I could think of doing. I sat down on the couch, turned on the lamp and picked up one of the magazines in the neatly stacked pile. I relaxed into the couch, opened up the magazine, and realized something, this felt nice, really nice, even relaxing. 

Since that night I have continued to neatly pile my small stack of magazines and have made a conscious effort, once a week to sit down in my corner of the couch, turn on the lamp, and take time for myself.

I'd love to share some of the magazines I've fallen in love with that you won't see at your local grocery store and probably don't have a subscription to. These magazines are small businesses run by powerful women and as you all know, supporting small businesses is woven into the core of our company.

Holl and Lane is one of those magazines that you instantly feel so connected to. In a weird strange way, you feel like hugging the magazine itself. Holl and Lane shares stories; real, honest, raw stories that are so relatable they rock you to your core. You know those long honest, secret-sharing heart to hearts you have with your best friend? This magazine is so many of those beautiful conversations bound into a series of many stories, keeping you in awe of the amount of people with stories just like yours. 


Reading Belong Magazine is like being in this imaginary coffee shop filled with every woman entrepreneur you can imagine, sharing stories, advice, and all the things you'd love to know about how they started and how they operate their businesses. Belong Magazine has articles for women looking to turn their passion into a business, tips and tricks for continuing your current business, and ideas to keep you inspired throughout. Their gorgeous photos and beautiful design have me touch each page delicately, absorbing everything I can from each article.

So, if we continue with these awesome analogies, bossladies magazine is like listening to your favorite podcast. Each article is styled in a question and answer format, interviewing bossladies from a city picked for that month's issue. Their very first issue is all about the lovely ladies of Los Angeles. From the owners of Sugar Paper, to the screenwriter of the film Inside Out, these stories will have you hooked from the get go, making you laugh and instantly connecting you to amazing women you never knew about.

Have you heard of these magazines before? Which one do you love to read or are dying to pick up? We'd love to hear all your thoughts in the comments below!

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Sep 27, 2016

I’m so honored to have Holl & Lane featured along with these other beautiful magazines. Thank you, thank you :)

Sarah Hartley

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