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15 Things to Do Out on the Town for your Birthday

15 Things to Do Out on the Town for your Birthday

So last week we created a list of things to do at home for your birthday, but this week it's time to see what cool things there are to do out on the town (and trust me none of them include clubbing or heavy's just not my thing).

  1. The Zoo - So just going to the Zoo wouldn't be too special, but doing a behind the scenes tour definitely would! I did this for one of my previous birthdays and got to interact with koalas, deer, tortoise, antelope, giraffe, and wayy more that I can't remember the correct name for! We were able to go into their habitats, feed them, care for their cages, and learn so much. Check your local zoo or aquarium for similar tours.
  2. Outdoor Activities - There are so many activities in this category but here are some of my personal favorites and ones I've actually done and enjoyed: mountain biking, kayaking, white water rafting, parasailing, jet skiing, ATVing, ziplining, and hiking.
  3. Wine Tasting - If you happen to be lucky enough to be near a local winery, visit and do a tour and wine tasting. If there aren't any winery's near you check your local restaurants for wine tasting events and grab a couple of friends for some nice conversation and wine.
  4. Murder Mystery Train or Show - Told you I loved murder mysteries! Check out a local murder mystery show and dinner (we have a dinner train nearby that does one!) and have fun guessing the murderer with lots of laughs in between.
  5. Theme Park/Fair - Visit your nearest theme park and act like a kid again! Make sure to get cotton candy, elephant ears, and ride every ride even if you're scared. My favorite thing is skipping instead of walking, it instantly makes you feel like a kid again. We're very lucky to live close to Disney World so that's definitely a frequent weekend getaway destination and we've celebrated many birthday's there. You can always bring your ears to your local theme park and pretend!
  6. See a Show - Visit a local theater and watch a show. You can get significantly cheaper tickets a local theater venue and still see a great well known show. I love Broadway shows and seeing the different ways each theater interprets them.
  7. Water Park/Beach/Lake - Get out on the water! Sometime just relaxing at a beach or lake can be so perfect to refill your soul, especially on your birthday. If you're like us and get a bit antsy when relaxing for too long, visit a local water park. Again, being so close to Disney, this is another birthday activity (or just a weekend activity) we've done plenty of times. We love Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, and Seaworld's Aquatica.
  8. Picnic - Pack a picnic and head out to a local park. We have some great spots here with shady trees that are so relaxing. Something about sitting on the floor deeply connects me to nature and instantly makes me so happy.
  9. Camping/Glamping - Speaking of sitting on the floor, how about sleeping on it?! I've only gone camping once in my life, when I was really young, but it was such a fun memory I'll never forget. I know sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor isn't for every one, so check out this thing called glamping that's been all the rage (glamours camping). It may be a bit more costly but would definitely be a fun memory with the girls. Champagne, s'mores, and luxury tents? Yes, please.
  10. Spa Day - Go to the spa and book a full day of activities: massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, and bath soaks. Even just relaxing in their pool or sipping a drink in their lounge will be completely relaxing and a quiet way to celebrate your birthday.
  11. Brunch & Shopping - Yes...I think all of us have done this one! It's a oldie but a goodie. Go to your favorite brunch spot with the girls, go shopping afterwards while grabbing some coffee, stop for a lunch date after all the shopping, and then end the day getting all dressed up in your new clothes and make up for dinner at your favorite restaurant.
  12. Bowling - But not any bowling, upscale bowling. Yes, where there are less lanes, but wayyy better food, cool drinks, good music, and an awesome atmosphere. Just google Bowlmor Lanes or Splitsville to find their locations.
  13. Take a Class - Join a class on your birthday for a hobby you've always wanted to try. Maybe photography, ceramics, painting, dance, or acting?
  14. The Movies - Again, not any movie theater, but an upscale one that serves dinner while watching the movie and has amazingly large luxurious seats. Best thing about them is that they are typically 21 and over so it's awesome for some adult time and no teenagers yelling in the background. Our favorite is Cinebistro, but you can just google "upscale movie theatre" to find other ones near you.
  15. Scavenger Hunt/City Hunt - Every year our city hosts a major city scavenger hunt. While insanely cool and intriguing I haven't actually done it yet, but what I have done is a mall scavenger hunt. We paired up into teams and did the craziest things in order to get points (think Impractical Jokers). We had tons of fun and met up for lunch afterwards to share our crazy pictures and stories. You can find one by googling "Mall Scavenger Hunt". Another one I've wanted to try is an Amazing Race themed one and you can find tons of ideas and even preplanned ones for that on Pinterest. 

So that's the end of our list! What did you think? Any good ideas you'd love to try for an upcoming birthday? We'd love to know!

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