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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

We love sharing pretty photos on our social media and site, but being totally honest, sometimes things aren't as gorgeous and awesome as they seem. So today we're showing you a behind the scenes look at our photo shoots and the funny things that end up happening (all entirely unedited!).

Like when it's an incredibly windy day and you're trying to get those awesome shots of some expensive balloons, and they just won't cooperate. (It's actually supposed to say Yay for our launch :/)

The truth about rushing and just wiping off lime juice from your hands on a paper towel is really dry skin for a few days after...really should slow down sometimes.

It's completely normal for your cat to get in your light tent, and even knock it down so everything falls to the every time your turn your back.

Sometimes you also spend hours taking photos outdoors, only to realize all of the photos are wayy overexposed because you didn't change the exposure compensation setting and you couldn't see the preview screen due to the bright sun :/

Truth is, we were DRENCHED in sweat at this shoot from the boiling sun.

When you want to keep working late at night, but no matter which lights you use, even the white product lights, it still gives off a yellowish hue.

When you take gorgeous photos of a product but they just don't fit in with your insta feed! (Maybe a fb post in the future?)

Or when all the cows are so concerned about you being in their territory that they stare at you the entire photoshoot. Imagine smiling and trying to be happy with these guys walking into the canal continuing to stare at you...

And that about wraps it up...the kind of annoying, funny, honest things that have happened during our photoshoots. Did you like this type of post? Let us know! We're considering doing another one in the future :) (depending on feedback of course :p)


Jun 15, 2016

Great post…Thanks for sharing!!! Crazy things always seem to happen when I take photos for my shop, so I can totally relate ;-)

Jun 14, 2016

This is hilarious! Nice to know that things are not always so perfect and that we all have strange and funny things that come up :) Thank you for all the pics and posts!!


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